Business and Products

There are a large number of legal standards to look out for in business organisation and in the manufacture of products. Our firm is happy to assist and support you in this area, both in Germany and abroad. We are able to answer your legal queries in the following sectors:

  • Industrial Safety
  • Environmental Protection
  • Climate Protection
  • User Protection
  • Heath Protection
  • Corporate Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Real Property and Buildings
  • Outsourcing of orders and areas

Our firm has developed special consultation packages and service systems for the area of business and products. Details of the same can be found at:

Publications and Conferences

Herfurth & Partner has issued numerous articles relating to financing, including articles on credit rating, claims management and the share financing. In addition, the firm organises seminars and conferences relating to financing on a regular basis. The ministry of trade and economics in Lower Saxony has appointed our firm to publish a handbook on doing business in Germany for the benefit of foreign companies in ten languages. This handbook contains comprehensive information on the most important elements on commercial and business and can be found at :

Clients & Projects

Our law firm has, through the years, worked with numerous clients in the area of finance. We would be happy to furnish you a track record of the transactions, which we have been involved in, in the course of a personal meeting with you.

The Team

The lawyers in our firm work in competence-related teams. We are happy to introduce the lawyers working in the area of business law. Each land and region is supervised by a lawyer with the relevant language competence (Country Desk). You would be able to find details relating to the relevant lawyers under “Team”. You will also be able to access a complete list of all the lawyers in our firm here.