Herfurth & Partner provides competent support and advice to companies in all important areas relating to their business activities, especially in the area of international law.


We specialise in providing legal advice and support in the areas of contract, contractual negotiations and legal management. Our firm is able to assist you in concept planning, project development as well as in conflict management, inter alia, in the following areas :

  • International Corporate Law
  • Corporate Acquisition and Share Purchase
  • Investment and Finance
  • International commercial law
  • Marketing and sales law
  • Competition and Advertising
  • Intellectual Property
  • IT Communication & Media
  • Development, Technology Transfer
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Real Property
  • Product Liability and Environmental Law
  • International legal prosecution
  • Claims Management
  • Information Services relating to law and economics.

In the event that legal disputes cannot be resolved in an amicable manner, we are able to assist, accompany and represent you through court proceedings as well as national and international arbitration courts.


Herfurth & Partner advises numerous companies maintaining a turnover between 1.0 and 500 million Euros. Many of these companies are family-owned. For groups of companies and public companies, we furnish support to the relevant legal departments as well as advice these companies on the management of their subsidiaries. Our experience covers a wide spectrum of areas, including

  • Machine and mechanical engineering and construction.
  • Automotive
  • Air transportation and aviation technology
  • Medical and health technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Nutrition and agriculture technology
  • Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • IT, Communication and Media
  • Metal and wood works, furniture
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Fashion and clothing industry
  • Banks, insurance, and financial services
  • Investment companies
  • Government, public administration
  • Universities and institutions