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Ulrich Herfurth has been working as a lawyer in Hanover since 1986 and has been admitted to the bar in Brussels since 2001. He is founder and managing partner of the law firm HERFURTH & PARTNER, founded in 1990.

He advises entrepreneurs and management on strategic legal issues relating to companies, international markets and innovative technology.

He specialises in national and international corporate law and is also specialised in the areas of company formation, company acquisitions, shareholdings, corporate structure and corporate succession. He has advised and advised on over a hundred transactions in a wide variety of industries, in particular structural change in family businesses and acquisitions and shareholdings. He was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the listed Kali Chemie AG in Hanover for several years.

Ulrich Herfurth has focused the firm from the outset on internationality in order to support medium-sized companies in the development of their foreign business. To this end, he built up the firm on a multinational basis, with lawyers and lawyers from more than 12 countries and corresponding language skills. Herfurth & Partner has accompanied sales, technology and investment projects in many countries around the world, including Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and South Africa.

Ulrich Herfurth is co-founder and chairman of the ALLIURIS Group with 20 business law firms in Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia, China and India. The group cooperates closely and trustfully in all important areas of business law.



Herfurth is founder and publisher of the information service CASTON. He has published numerous publications on national and international law, such as “Business Practice in Europe”, “Real Estate Acquisition in Europe”, “Real Property in Europe”, “Legal Framework in China”, “Company Acquisition Practice”, “Company Succession Practice” and others. In recent years, he has expanded the field to include the technological challenges of digitalisation, e.g. with “Industry 4.0 in Key Points”, “Industry 4.0 in the Legal Framework” and “Artificial Intelligence and Law”.



The special proximity to family businesses is based on early own successful entrepreneurial experience during the study time in the area of project development and general construction in Göttingen. Since then Herfurth has been involved in the association DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER , for many years as its regional chairman in Lower Saxony, now as chairman of the Federal Commission for Competition Law and Commercial Law.

In addition to his special commitment to family businesses, Ulrich Herfurth is also involved in several other tasks, for example as Deputy Chairman of the Council of the foundation SüdniedersachsenStiftung, as well as a member and promoter of business initiatives and universities.


Chambers and associations:

1988-1990 Delegate in the YES GROUP (Association of European Young Entrepreneurs, Brussels);
1990-1992 Regional Chairman of the BJU “Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer eV” / Federal Association of Young Entrepreneurs,
1992-2008 Regional board member of BJU and ASU  “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbständiger Unternehmer eV” / Federal Association of Entrepreurs,
since 2003 member of the Board in Lower Saxony of “Die Familienunternehmer-ASU” / Federal Association of Entrepreurs
2008-2016 Chairman of the Board in Lower Saxony of “Die Familienunternehmer” / Federal Association of Entrepreuers
since 2017 Chairman of the National Federal Commission for Competition Law, Commercial Law and Digitalization Politics of the Federal Association of Entrepreuers

since 1999 Member of the Foreign Trade Committee of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce
since 2008 Member of the SME Committee of the DIHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

2003 Founding member of the Venture Capital Club Hannover;
2004 Founding member of the BioBusiness Club Göttingen;
since 2004 Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SüdniedersachsenStiftung (Southern Lower Saxony Foundation)
2005-2007 Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Development of the Southern Lower Saxony Region;


More than 100 transactions / company acquisitions and participations in the fields of health, IT, media, internet, building materials, medical technology and others; business concepts for start-ups and investments in Germany and abroad; planning and support of company successions; corporate financing (public sector). Mittel, Venture Capital, Going Public, forms of investment, stock exchange law); privatisation of the microelectronics industry of the former GDR; advice on foreign business and joint ventures; development of distribution systems (franchising); design of insurance and financial products (leasing, factoring, debt collection); numerous publications and lectures on business law in Europe.


German, English, French


Publications (excerpt):

Industry 4.0 in the legal framework
Herfurth (Ed.)
220 p., Hanover, 1st edition 2016
(Caston edition)

Industry 4.0 in key points
Herfurth (Ed.)
220 p., Hanover, 2nd edition 2016
(Caston edition)

Real Property in Europe
Herfurth (ed.),
300 p., Hanover 2010
(ALLIURIS Report, Caston Edition )

Practice of corporate succession
80 p., Hanover, 6th edition 2017
(Caston edition)

Practice of  acquisitions
60 p., Hanover, 4th edition 2009
(Caston edition)

Doing Business in Germany
Herfurth / K. Kilimnik
4th ed. 120 p., Hanover 2001 / 2006
(Caston Economic Service)

Real Estate  in Europe
Herfurth (Ed.)
260 S., Hanover, Bonn 1998
(Economica Publishers)

Business practice in Europe
Legal basis for entrepreneurial action
3rd ed., 360 p., Hanover, Bonn 1997
(Economica Publishers)

Business practice in the EC
Contracts, companies, competition
145 S., Hannover/Bonn 1991, also as special edition of the savings banks, HYPOBANK, Dresdner Bank, DG BANK

The European Single Market
Programme, impact and entrepreneurial measures
120 pages, Hanover 1988
(Caston Economic Service)


Various essays in specialist publications

Numerous single titles see title list

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